When Toad Came Home Musical Play Ages 9 -16 by David Barrett, Script and Performance Licence

See below for script sample.

This is a musical play, the sequel to the Wind in the Willows, a fun show for all the family. The duration is around 90 minutes.
A large cast and easy songs for children to learn. 9 songs.
This is the adventures of Toad and friends after the weasels have been thrown out of Toad Hall. It is suitable for schools and youth theatre and will provide a great evening's entertainment for your audience.

You will need a performance licence for every performance of the play.

The price of the script includes a licence for 1 performance. 

This is a copymaster script with permission to photocopy or print off as many copies as you need for your rehearsals. Once we have received your payment, you will be emailed a download link for your script. If an actor loses a script, simply run off another.

When Toad Came Home

Dramatis Personae

Watkins, the Butler (a shrew)

The Weasels:
Chief Weasel

The Fieldmice:

Prologue: SONG 1 (In front of curtain. Actions mimed by animals)

Scene 1: The Parlour at Toad Hall

REPRISE OF SONG 1 (optional)

TOAD (Looks in mirror) Oh, what a handome fellow I am. Wouldn’t my
ancestors be so proud if they could see me now. (looks at portraits)
Horatio Toad, now he was a fine fellow. Battle of Trafalgar, Waterloo, where would we be now if it weren’t for poor old Horatio? (looks at watch) Golly gosh it’s past time for afternoon tea. What on earth has happened to Watkins? (calls) Watkins ..... I don’t know, I just can’t seem to get the staff nowadays. Wouldn’t you have thought they would be queuing up for a position in my household. Watkins is not such a bad chap. He tries hard but who ever heard of a butler who was hard of hearing. He is always mixing up the orders. I asked him to get cook to do me a roast lamb last night and what did she do me? You’ve guessed it - toast and jam. (straightens a picture) Ah, Laurence Toad of Arabia, another fine fellow. (doors open) Ah, Watkins, do come in, I see you have brought my tea.
WAT Uh, no sir. I have just brought your tea.
TOAD I beg your ..... Oh, never mind Watkins.
WAT Yes sir I am very behind. That incompetent footman. He asked me if he should polish the door of my pantry. Of course I agreed. No harm in that, keep the rascal out of trouble and the door did need a polish. So what did he do .....? Polished the floor so I could not prepare your tea until it was dry. Typical of these squirrels, can’t follow a simple instruction. I always say they can’t be trained. Will there be anything
else, sir?
TOAD Well yes, actually Watkins there is just one other thing.
WAT Very good sir. Then I’ll be off.
(exits muttering to himself leaving TOAD exasperated)
TOAD (Approaches a broken painting) Poor old Sir Francis Toad. He has
never been the same since those ..... creatures, I can hardly bring myelf
to say ..... Weasels ..... took up residence. Here in my ancestral home.
They are such nasty creatures - always cooking up some wicked scheme. Heaven only knows where they are now. If I had my way it would be ‘pop goes the weasel’.
(The doorbell rings then WATKINS appears at the door)
WAT Sir, Mr Pratt and Mr Bowles. (enter RAT and MOLE)
TOAD Oh Watkins, you mean Rat and Mole.
TOAD Come in my friends, it’s been such a long time. (exits WATKINS)
MOLE Oh Toad we have rather missed your eccentric company, we felt we had to come and see if you are alright, didn’t we Ratty?
RAT Of course Toad. Life has seemed rather dull since we taught those little rascals the weasels where they belong. (TOAD offers tea) Thank you Toad. I must say your staff did a splendid job in clearing up the mess.
MOLE But Toad, you do seem rather down in the dumps. There was no permanent damage done, was there?
TOAD My dear friend, the damage cannot be counted in pounds and pennies. It is my pride that’s hurt ..... seriously hurt.
RAT Well I know just the thing to cheer you up and help you to forget your
troubles. We’ll go on a picnic. Just like old times.

SONG 2 In Those Not Too Distant Days

MOLE Until tomorrow then. Three o’clock by the great oak on the bend in the river.
RAT And Toad .....do please try to stay out of trouble until then.
TOAD Gentlemen, I bid you good-day. (bows)
(RAT and MOLE exit)
(TOAD draws back a curtain to reveal a computer. He rubs his hands in glee and proceeds to work on the keyboard)
TOAD If only I had discovered computers earlier. What countless years of my life I have wasted waiting for this moment. Life will never be the same
again. Now, let me see ..... Toad Hall accounts, month ending August 1921.
Watkins wages: 20 shillings.
Repairs to panelling in the Great Hall: £95. (aside) Account to be sent to the Chief Weasel.
Repairs to caravan: £20.
Birthday present for Mole: 5 shillings
My oh my, am I going to have some fun with this.
(exits calling) Watkins, Watkins.
(as TOAD leaves the room, a small weasel enters through the window
and relieves TOAD of the computer)


Scene 2: Weasels’ Lair

CHIEF Henry, get that floor scrubbed. Harold, get outside and polish the
limousine. Herbert, go and get my violin-case pronto. Horace, some
more cigars, I’ve run out. (to this, each replies in turn: “Yes, Boss”)
Hubert, fetch my ..... Hubert. HUBERT.
HENRY He’s gone out Boss.
CHIEF Gone out. What d’ya mean, gone out. He can’t just ..... Oh, never
mind. The rest of yous come ‘ere and listen to what Hannibal has to say, at the double.
HANN Well lads, you know that fat green slimy creature we caused a bit of
bovver earlier on .....
HORACE Yea, you mean that Toad.
HANN That’s the one. Well, I’ve been casing the joint where he hangs out,
called (with emphasis) Toad Hall (laughter) and I’ve got some
information you might like to hear. You’ll never guess.
HERBERT Go on Hannibal, what is it?
HANN He’s got himself ..... a ..... computer. (much reaction from the Weasels)
PERCY Hey. You know what this means lads. If we could get our hands on that machine, just think what we could do with it.
HENRY Yea. It could knock years off our campaign to take over the Riverbank and open our new regional headquarters at Toad Hall.
HERBERT Just think: we could cream a little excess cash off the tax man and use the money to become the financial wizards of the wild wood.
HORACE The other animals would not stand a chance. They would all go bankrupt.
PERCY We’d be the scourge of every living creature in the wood.
CHIEF Steady now boys. Don’t get carried away. But this much I will tell you; we have to have that computer. I don’t care how you do it. Stand on that Toad’s little green webbed fingers if you have to but get that computer.

SONG 3 The Computer Song

HENRY Come on lads. What are you waiting for? Let’s go. (much commotion as HUBERT enters, struggling to carry a heavy load)
CHIEF Hubert, my office, five minutes.
HUBERT But Boss. Wait a minute. I’ve got something to show you. Look at
this. (gasps from WEASELS and shouts of wow, crickey, crumbs,
fantastic, etc. as the computer is revealed)
CHIEF Well done Hubert. You’ve got Toad’s computer.
HERB Did he sell it to you?
OTHERS Get over, come off it (and groans)
CHIEF This is it boys. There’s no stopping us now. Next stop ..... Toad Hall, head office of the Weasel Enterprise Company. And then ..... who knows? Maybe even the Wide World itself. (cackles of evil laughter)

Blackout and Curtain