Treasure Island Musical Score

This is not strictly a panto but a hilariously funny spoof on the well-known story ofTreasure Island. The songs are all based on well-known songs of the sea, with our own lyrics. The script is quite challenging and risque in places.
The duration is around 2 hours and there are 17 speaking roles and a chorus.
Plot: Loosely based on RL Stevenson's novel. Billy Bones, a retired pirate, is drinking in the tavern run by Mrs Hawkins and her son, Jim. He receives a letter with the 'black spot', a pirates curse. This causes him to have heart failure and he dies. Mrs Hawkins and Jim discover a treasure map in Bones' sea chest, just as the pirates arrive to claim the map. Jim escapes to the Squire's house with the map and the adventure begins.

You will need a performance licence for every performance of the play.

Musical Score