Robin Hood Play Script with Suggested Songs by David Barrett (includes performance licence)

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This is a panto-style play with a suggested songs. With a duration of 80 to 90 minutes this is a large cast play with plenty of speaking roles and chorus. The familiar story of Robin Hood is explored in a new way.

The price of a script includes a licence for 1 performance. 

This is a copymaster script with permission to photocopy or print off as many copies as you need for your rehearsals. Once we have received your payment, you will be emailed a download link for your script. If an actor loses a script, simply run off another.

You will need a performance licence for every performance of the play.

Robin Hood Play Script by David Barrett

Dramatis Personae

Dame Betty Hood, Robin’s mother
Little John
Will Scarlett
Friar Tuck
Chorus of Merry Men
Lord Sheriff
Lord Robert Dubois, a Norman noble
Sir Henry Beaumarche, a Norman noble
Captain of the Guard
Sergeant at Arms
Henri, a cook
Marcelle, a cook (Henri’s twin brother)
Chorus of Servants
Maid Marion
Ladies in Waiting
Madam Harfleur, Governess
Chorus of Ladies in Waiting
The Three Crones
Wizards: Fizz, Sparkle, Bubble
The fearsome Grog, evil monster
Two trees, (non-speaking)
Four Giggly Elves: Chuckle, Chortle, Snigger, Po
Villagers: Cuthbert, Elfgiva, Ethelred
Steve, the Reeve
Chorus of Villagers

Scene 1, Sherwood Forest

(Noises off. Sheriff's men searching for Robin Hood)

ROBIN Quick, Egbert, let's hide in here. They'll never catch us here.

EGBERT But, Robin, what about all these people, they'll tell the sheriff's men where we're hiding, won't they?

ROBIN Don't be daft, they're on our side, we're the good guys.

You won't tell the sheriff's men where we're hiding, will you boys and girls?

EGBERT Oh yes they will. (audience reaction)

ROBIN Right then, let's hide here.

Enter sheriff's men. Boos.

CPT In here men, they can't have gone far, we'll catch them yet, and when we do..... Mimes hanging.

SERG Hey, Captain, let's ask these peasants, they must have seen something.

CAPT Oi, you peasants! Have you seen a desperate, cut-throat villain by the name of Robin Hood passing this way?

Audience No!

SERG I bet you have, (oh no we haven’t!)

CAPT It's no use asking them, they're on his side. Come on let's look in here.

(To audience) And we'll deal with you later...

Boos as they exit into wings. Robin and Egbert reveal themselves.

ROBIN That was a close shave.

Egbert feels Robin's chin.

EGBERT Feels like you haven't shaved for days.

ROBIN No. You misunderstand me, my friend, what I mean is that we were nearly caught red-handed. Egbert looks at his hands.

Thank you boys and girls. Without your help we would have been in the dungeons at Nottingham castle soon.

EGBERT Robin, they're coming back, quick, let's hide.

He hides behind a bush which is far too small to conceal him. Robin looks off stage left.

ROBIN Someone's coming, Egbert, but it certainly isn't the sheriff's men it's a right motley crew. But let's hide any way, we don't want to take any chances.

Enter the Merry Men

SONG 1: Once Upon a Time in Nottingham (or Got No Strings to Hold Me Down)

JOHN What a cracking good song, there's nothing like a good song for lifting your spirits, eh Will.

WILL You’re too right, John, but it won't get us back our property that the Sheriff's stolen, will it.

ADAM We'll get our money back, Will, you'll see. The Sheriff's men won't stand a chance against us, once we're armed. Mimes a sword-fight.

CEDRIC You and whose army, Adam, you couldn't even lift an iron sword, let alone fight with it.

ADAM Yea, well we'll soon see about that.

They start to jostle. Crowd noises.

FRIAR Stop! Stop this madness! You men have no discipline. How will we ever defeat the Sheriff if we squabble amongst ourselves. What we need is a good leader who will make us all find discipline, train hard and be a match for the sheriff.

WILL The monk's right, men. We need a skilled leader. But where in the world can we find a commander, out here in the woods?

Robin coughs, reveals himself and steps forward. Outlaws draw daggers. He looks them bravely in the eye. Egbert trembles in hiding.

ROBIN Gentlemen, allow me to present myself, Lord Robin of Locksley, son of the Earl of Locksley. You need a leader. I'm willing to help you.

A tense silence follows.

ADAM Lay us an egg, Robin. Does some bird impressions.

They lower their weapons, laughing.

JOHN What's your grievance with the Sheriff, you young impostor?

ROBIN I'm no impostor, Master...?

JOHN Little, John Little, known around here as Little John.

ROBIN My grievance is very simple. I have sworn an oath of loyalty to the king and the Sheriff is guilty of treason, along with that puppet of his, Prince John. They have caused my father's death, seized my inheritance and denied me my title. I will fight for the king to the death to end their tyranny.

EGBERT (From behind his tree) And what's more, the Sheriff's men burnt my house down and stole all my money. Robin came to my rescue. Beat eight of the sheriff's men single-handed and now he's a wanted outlaw.

ROBIN Don't exaggerate, Egbert, it was only six men.

ADAM We're all wanted men here, boy you're in good company.

WILL Just a moment, not so fast, Adam. How do we know this man is who he says he is. I happen to know that the old Earl of Locksley had his lands confiscated.

ROBIN Too right, my friend, and I intend to win them back, from the hand of the King himself. And I intend to marry the king's cousin, Lady Marion.

Hoots of disbelief and scorn

THEOBALD And how do you intend to do that. Are you going to kidnap her?

ROBIN No such thing, she is an old childhood friend.

More laughter.

FRIAR You've got to hand it to him. He is clearly a brave man, even if he is a fool.

THEOBALD Every King has a fool. He is often the wisest man in court.

JOHN I propose to put Lord Robin to the test.

THEOBALD What test, John.

JOHN He claims to be a nobleman, right?

THEOBALD Yea, right chief.

JOHN Then, he must be able to shoot. Bring on the archery butts.

ADAM Yes, the archery butts, very clever, John.

They bring on the targets.

ROBIN To audience. Now I'm in trouble.

EGBERT Why's that, Robin, you know you're the best shot in Nottinghamshire.

ROBIN I lost my longbow in that fracard back in Nottingham, and I haven't a spare.

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