Cinderella Script Ages 9 to Adult by David Barrett (includes performance licence)

See below for a script sample.

This is a panto-style play with suggestions for songs which can easily be slipped in. The duration is around 80 minutes. The story is based on the traditional tale but with an unexpected twist at the end.

The price of a script includes a licence for 1 performance. 

This is a copymaster script with permission to photocopy or print off as many copies as you need for your rehearsals. Once we have received your payment, you will be emailed a download link for your script. If an actor loses a script, simply run off another.

You will need a performance licence for every performance of the play.

Cinderella Script Sample

Dramatis Personae

Baron Stoneybroke (pronounced Stonybrook)
Grizelda and
Esmirelda the ugly sisters
Popper Button’s Dad
Zip his brother
Velchro his Mum
Fairy Godmother
Prince Smarmy
Pansy the Prince’s brother
Maledictus the executioner
Earl of Hitchin
Lord Lucan
Duke of Kudos
M.C. at the ball
5 Rabbits
Butterflies and other animals dancers
Little Red Riding Hood
Dancers at the ball

Scene 1, The Kitchens at Stoneybroke Castle

SONG 1: Whistle While You Work (Chorus of Servants and Cooks)

(During the song there is a comic routine with mops. At the end of the song Buttons is slapped in the face by a mop and ends up flat on the floor)

BUTTONS Hey, what did you do that for, Zip, you fool.
ZIP Gee, I’m sorry Buttons, I guess we still need to practise the end of the dance before the opening night.
BUTTONS What do you mean ‘before the opening night’? Have you forgotten, This IS the opening night.
ZIP What! You mean .... (He gestures coyly towards audience)
BUTTONS Yes, I do mean ..... (Mimics gesture)
(Zip shields his eyes and looks F.O.H.)
ZIP Oh my Lord! (He runs and hides behind tabs)
BUTTONS I’m sorry about my kid brother, ladies and gentlemen. He wasn’t around when the brains were dished out. I had his share. But, how rude of me, I’ve not introduced myself: I’m BUTTONS. I live and work here in the castle for Baron Stoneybroke. I’m his exchequer. It’s a bit like a retired accountant. You see, I used to check his money for him and now he doesn’t have any money I’m his ex-checker. I’m good at Maths, you see. I bet you like Maths at school don’t you boys and girls. If I’d been born a nobleman I’d have been a count. A COUNT! (Counts on his fingers) Never mind! Oh and this is my brother, Zip.
(Pulls Zip out from behind tab, by the ear). My mum and dad, Popper and Velchro work in the kitchens too. (They step forward and bow)
POPPER At your service. (Buttons produces a parcel from the wings)
VELCHRO Oh Buttons, you’ve bought me a present, how thoughtful of you.
BUTTONS Well, er...actually it’s not for you this time, Mum, it’s for..Cinderella.
(To audience) Just wait till you meet Cinderella boys and girls, she’s gorgeous. (Whispered) And I’m going to ask her to marry me.
VELCHRO (Loudly) To marry YOU!
BUTTONS (Looking around) Shhhh! Someone’ll hear you.
VELCHRO But Buttons, she’ll never agree to marry you. (Buttons looks shocked)
ZIP No, you’re too poor. (Ah) (Buttons winces at each remark, finally sinking to his knees)
POPPER And too short. (Ah!)
VELCHRO You can’t read or write.
ZIP And you crack your knuckles in bed.
(Buttons cracks his knuckles - loud sound effect)
ZIP See what I mean
BUTTONS But I love her (Ah!) and I think she loves me too. (Laughter)
Boys and girls, if I put this present here will you look after it for me?
And you’ll tell me if anyone tries to take it? Just call BUTTONS! Thank you I knew I could rely on you. (aside) I can’t trust any of this lot.
BUTLER Quickly, back to work everyone, the Baron is coming. Not that we ever get paid for working here. The Baron is too poor, but he won’t admit it. We work for nothing, for old time’s sake.
Enter Baron
BARON Good day to you all my loyal and trusty servants!
ALL Good Day to you Baron.
BARON My, you have got this place looking spick and span. Buttons, give everyone a rise, they deserve it.
BUTTONS Certainly, thank you, Baron.
VELCHRO What does he mean a rise? He doesn’t pay us anything anyway.
BARON I beg your pardon Madam.
POPPER Nothing...nothing, My Lord. She was merely expressing her gratitude.
BARON You’re very welcome, Madam, I’m sure. Now what did I come down here for....Oh yes. of course, I was looking for my two lovely daughters, Grizelda and Esmirelda. Has anyone seen them.
ZIP If they had they’d have run the other way.
BUTLER But why do you seek them in the kitchens, Sir? They are household, not servants.
BARON Oh I know that, Butler, but you know how they love their food. I thought they might be on the scrounge again. (He looks around for them)
ZIP Do you know, I saw Grizelda eating with her knife the other day.
POPPER Yes and when the Baron told her it was not polite she said she can’t eat with her fork because it leaks.
VELCHRO Esmirelda didn’t know whether she should stir her tea with her left or right hand.
ZIP I told her to use her spoon.
BUTLER Do you know they always say prayers before dinner upstairs.
VELCHRO Why, don’t they trust the cook?
BARON It’s no use, I can’t find them. If you see them send them to the west tower would you. (Exits)
BUTTONS Sure, we’ll send them, via Australia. (Enter Cinderella. Servants carry on with their chores)
Cinderella, where on earth have you been? I’ve been looking all over for you.
CINDERS Oh, I’ve just been here and there, no place in particular. (Looks glum)
ZIP Why, Cinders, what on earth is the matter, I’ve never seen you looking so unhappy.
CINDERS Can’t you guess? I’m dressed in rags by those step-sisters of mine and treated as a servant. I work day and night cleaning the castle and clearing up their mess after them.
ALL Aaah!
CINDERS How will I ever find myself a rich handsome nobleman to marry?
BUTTONS Well, I’m not rich, perhaps I’m not handsome and I’m certainly not noble, but I am a man! (Kneels at her feet )Marry me Cinders and all your troubles will be over.
CINDERS Dear Buttons, you’re so sweet but I can’t marry you. You see, father’s marriage contract will only allow me to marry a man of noble blood.
Oh, how I wish father had never re-married after mother died.
ZIP Yes, look what he inherited; two of the ugliest creatures you could ever find. Worse than anything in the London Dungeon.
BUTTONS Don’t you worry your little head, Cinders, I’ll think of something, you’ll see.

SONG 2 Give a Little Whistle

BUTTONS Come on, Cinders, let’s go and put our heads together. I’m sure we can sort this whole thing out. (loud noises off) Look out folks; here come the dynamic duo now; a subtle entrance as usual. Quick, let’s go.
(They exit. Grizelda and Esmirelda enter from the other side- boos)
GRIZELDA How about the prince’s tall squire. He’s very handsome. I wouldn’t mind being caught on a dark night by him. (Cackles of laughter)
ESMIRELDA Don’t be ridiculous, Grizelda, why you’re so short, the first time you tried to kiss him you would have to stand on a box.
(All laugh)
GRIZELDA Hey, who told you you could laugh. No-one laughs at us without permission.
ESMIRELDA And don’t you forget it you old windbags. You know the difference between a pantomime audience and a cow with laryngitis, don’t you.
GRIZELDA Yes, one boos madly and the other moos badly! (Shrieks of laughter)
ESMIRELDA Hey, Grizelda, there’s a boy down there still laughing at us. Right there, do you see him.
GRIZELDA What, that really ugly one there on the end of the row.
ESMIRELDA No you idiot that’s Mary’s mum.
GRIZELDA Really? I never knew she had a beard.

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