An Evening With Lord Bramley by David Barrett, Additional Performances

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An Evening With Lord Bramley Musical Comedy Whodunit (Ages 16 to Adult) by David Barrett, Script and Performance Licence

Lord Bramley is having a dinner party. In addition to his wife there will be four guests, none of whom have ever met him, although Gerard and Constance are known to Lady Bramley. Bramley is a practical joker and, unbeknown to his guests, he decides to invite a group of actors, The Poirot Players, to run a murder-mystery evening. To make this even more bizarre, one of the actors actually plays Lord Bramley and Bramley masquerades as the butler, whom he has given the night off. Two of the actors play fictitious guests. What seems a good idea to the eccentric Bramley soon turns into a disaster when the actor playing Lord Bramley is murdered. This is a musical whodunit lasting around 2 hours for 8m, 5f and a chorus of servants. To read a sample, click here.

5 m, 4f plus chorus

The price of the script includes a licence for 1 performance. Buy extra performances below. 

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