Aladdin by David Barrett, Script and Performance Licence

This is a panto-style play for children with 8 suggested songs. The duration is around 70 minutes and it is suitable from age 9 upwards. There is scope for a very large chorus.

See below for a script sample.

The price of a script includes a licence for 1 performance. 

This is a copymaster script with permission to photocopy or print off as many copies as you need for your rehearsals. Once we have received your payment, you will be emailed a download link for your script. If an actor loses a script, simply run off another.

You will need a performance licence for every performance of the play.

Script Download and 1 Performance: £35

Each additional performance: £20


Dramatis Personae

Widow Twankey
Genie of the Ring
Princess Jasmine


Abenazer, The Sorcerer

Slave of the Lamp
6 Royal Sisters
6 Royal Brothers
The Emperor
The Empress
2 Children for the Pot
Skeleton or Spirit Dancers
Princess Lotus Flower

Scene 1 Widow Twankey’s Laundry

DANCE 1 Chinese Dance, Villagers

HANKY Hello, boys and girls.
Is there anyone out there? I said hello boys and girls.
HUNKY That’s better. Hey, Hanky, perhaps we should introduce ourselves.
HANKY Sure. Well, I’m Hanky Twankey and this is my twin brother, Hunky Twankey. (Shows his muscles, oohs and aahs.)
HUNKY We live here in a little room above this laundry with our mum and two brothers, Panky and Aladdin. You see, we’re very poor and it’s all we can afford. (Gestures for sympathy.)
HANKY We’re much poorer than that, actually! (Gestures for more sympathy.)
(Enter a whimpish Panky.)
PANKY Hi, gang!
HANKY Panky, Where on earth have you been? We’ve been here for ages.
PANKY I had a bit of bother with my transport.
HUNKY What’s that? Did your skate-board break down again?
PANKY Much worse than that. I borrowed Aladdin’s donkey, you know, the one with only three legs.
HANKY Sounds more like a wonky to me!
HUNKY Just a minute! I think I can hear someone trying a key in the back door.
(Panky goes to hide, Hunky goes to look.)
It’s alright, it’s only Mum, Widow Twankey.
HANKY Look, boys and girls, Mum likes to have a good welcome when she arrives home. Could you help us?
PANKY All you have to do is shout out ‘hello Twankey’ every time she makes an entrance. Do you think you can do that for us? (Reaction) I think I can hear her coming now. Ready? On the count of three. One, two, three…..
(Enter Widow Twankey.)
ALL Hello, Twankey!
TWANKEY Ooh, hello everyone. Aren’t you just lovely to give me such a warm welcome.
(She is overcome and Hanky gives her a Hanky to wipe her tears.)
You know, I don’t really deserve it. (Big blow of her nose.)
You see, I’m not really feeling myself at the moment. I haven’t slept for ten whole days.
PANKY Really? You must be very tired.
TWANKEY Not at all, I sleep at night.
You see, we’re so poor we can hardly make ends meet.
HANKY Yes, only today I said to Panky, ‘If you’ve got a pound in one pocket and a pound in the other pocket what have you got?’
Someone else’s trousers on!
TWANKEY I wanted to cheer myself up so I went out to buy a dress. A lot of ladies do that, you know when they are feeling down.
HANKY Show us the dress then, Mum.
TWANKEY There is no dress. The manager of the first shop said he doesn’t give estimates....and in the second shop they recommended I go to the camping shop and buy a tent! (She wails. Others Aah!)
PANKY Perhaps you should take up gambling.
HUNKY Yes, then you can change your name to Betty.
HANKY I know, I’ve got a mathematical joke that should cheer you up.
(Others groan and hide faces.)
What do you get if you cut a potato in half and then divide each half into ten pieces?
(Panky works the answer out in great ernest, using his fingers.)
TWANKEY I don’t know. What do you get?
HANKY Chips! (Falls about laughing at his own joke. Others groan.)
TWANKEY What sort of sons are you anyway, if you can’t remember your own Mum’s birthday? (Blows nose and sniffs.)
PANKY Gosh, we’re really sorry, Mum. We’ve been so busy trying to catch up with all this laundry from the palace that we clean forgot your birthday is today.
HUNKY How old are you this year anyway?
TWANKEY (Pause, then modestly states) Twenty-two.
HANKY How can you be twenty-two? I’m almost twenty-four.
TWANKEY Have you forgotten? Twenty years ago I made a new year’s resolution; instead of getting older, I decided to lose one year off my age every birthday. Hence, I am a youthful twenty-two.
PANKY I get it. Instead of having a birthday you have an UNBIRTHDAY.

SONG 1 The Unbirthday Song

(Enter Aladdin)
ALADDIN Hi Mum, hi fellas!
OTHERS Hello, Aladdin!
ALADDIN Hello boys and girls. I see you’ve met my family. Aren’t they just weird?
TWANKEY Aladdin, where have you been all this time? I expect you’ve been chasing some new girl. When you’re not chasing girls you’re dreaming about them.
ALADDIN Well, as a matter of fact you’re right, Mum.
TWANKEY I knew it!
ALADDIN I have met the most wonderful girl this time.
HUNKY (Aside) That’s what he always says.
ALADDIN It’s true. We only met last week but we have fallen in love already.
(Twankey encourages the audience to aah!)
PANKY (Joking) When’s the wedding?
ALADDIN How did you know I’ve already asked Princess Jasmine to marry me? (Realises he has given it away. Much reaction to this news. Twankey faints and is caught by Hunky.)
PANKY But Aladdin, surely you know that anyone who so much as looks at Princess Jasmine is punished by death. Do you not fear for your life?
ALADDIN Why should I be afraid? The princess will protect me. I would like to give her a ring but I haven’t any money.
HUNKY Ring her after six, it’s cheap rate.
PANKY I know! What about that old ring of mother’s....I’m sure she would let you have it. (Goes to get ring.)
ALADDIN What a good idea! All it needs is a little polish. (Takes the ring.)
Shall I do it now?
HANKY No, wait Aladdin! I really don’t think you should.
ALADDIN Oh yes I should.
OTHERS Oh no you shouldn’t.
ALADDIN What do you think, girls and boys; should I rub the ring?
Right then. Here we go.
(Rubs the ring. There is a flash and the Genie appears.)

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